Unity has introduced a new prototype for their game engine so that their game developers can add this new interesting prototype to their game and make it more immersive and explosive . The prototype is none other than the bomb arrow mechanics  as it was launched today 1 February 2021 some hours ago . 

            The mechanics can be used in many of the upcoming multiplayer RPG games like pubg , valorant and many more to come in future . The mechanics is very simple as soon as the the player fires up the bomb arrow on any player or on any building the arrow will move with the perfect physics in the right direction and as soon as the arrow hit the aimed region it will explode and just badly destroy the region . According to me the service of the prototype will be soon be available on the unity asset store in the upcoming unity game engine update , as it is all give in their recent tweet . 

                 As the latest updates unity to conduct its GLOBAL GAME JAM , which is just like the game awards but here only unity made games will be featured and top game will be awarded .