Twitter buy bitcoins

        Twitter will be buying Bitcoins so that they can add it to their balance sheet just as Elon Musk did for his Tesla . The CFO Ned Segal of Twitter said in his interview that they are interested to buy Bitcoins as still they are still under the learning phase to decide whether to accept it or not . When the interviewer asked about the opinion the CFO considered to pay not only their partners and service providers but also employees in Bitcoins . If everyone in the company accepts the payment in Bitcoins then they will be looking forward to adop it so . As we all know about the Twitter's sister company Square is already a bitcoin investor and had invested $50 million on Bitcoins recently . And now Tesla has also joined the league last week .


        Not only this , it is also reported that Elon Musk to buy Doge coins for his son X Æ A-12 as recently elon musk was hyping for on twitter .  Elon Musk is just the " Stonk Man " for sure . And I guess soon musk gonna increase the stocks of almost all the cryptos in the market . 

Stonks man

       And there are many rumours coming out right now about twitter getting banned in India , as we all know about the farmers protest hype created all by the foreign celebrities rihana and people from other countries started tweeting mean tweets on the Indian politician . Due to which there are possibility to turn down twitter and other social media network like facebook too to get stopped till how many days months or years is not known till now , but still all of these are just rumours .