Samsung imaging of their first ever AR Glasses . After the CES where they announced about something new about their image quality and new gadgets and we never imagined about what Samsung is imaging about and now we can almost say that first ever full fledged AR glasses can be made by samsung , or not ? As we know Apple too is in the race for making the AR glass happen . Right know for AR it is a clash of titans , yet there is no confirm news by samsung too . A reliable source from Twitter named Walkingcat teases about the possible launch of AR glasses by samsung . 

         With the help of AR Glasses you can find all the 3D images come in life infront of you , we can also build things virtually and can watch it in the real world with the help of AR this can help planning construction for the civil engineers and for many more . But till now AR still is under the development stage there are many things to be changed to make it look immersive and realistic . For now samsung is totally working on the bringing new smart watches . According to me getting AR glasses is a groundbreaking thing but at the same time you cannot interact fully with the 3D objects you visualize but with the XR and MR you can fully immerse your views by interacting with the 3d visually built objects.