Mercedes Me

 Mercedes "Me" an app which was launched first back in 2015 but after there were many changes made, many optimization made , new futuristic smart AI algorithm were also being used to make the app an elite as their automobile products. And now recently they also made some new updates for the app so that their user won't have any issue using their products .

There are many new updates and new things this time like we have 

1. The main and important thing the fuel management and that Mercedes makes it , as the app shows you when to recharge the fuel how much left and how much can be used to so and so distance . 

2. How much km travelled 

3. Where to park (right place in places like malls and corporates ) basically it uses the data mining process to search the vacancy from the given map of the location.

4. Any damage to the car .

5. Right road way to choose to get rid of the hectic traffic .

6. Temprature outside the car while you step in .

7. Available software to make your experience with the car facility very cool .

8. Right time to make servicing 

And many more I guess . Still there are many problems people facing with the app as you can see the review section of the playstore . But the best thing is Mercedes an auto giant reply back the person quick with their bot system to solve their problems and note it down so that they can fix the bugs and issues they face.

But still there are many things which I think they should make like.

1. The best service center near you 

2. If got stuck in some remote area what can be the best suggestions to take care for ( like call the nearest garage to call for help even though they aren't the Mercedes exclusive but can be helpful at that moment ) .

3 . And all the new Mercedes cars list and what to buy at what season so that their customers won't get more money to spend on something . 

4. A special code to get discounts on the car products .

And so on .. now it still comes what the company wants to do .

With This all comes there a new futuristic Mercedes which is the vision of  Mercedes which is named as the Vision AVTR concept vehicle which is the total futuristic looking car which embodies a large number of futuristic feature . 


There is also new C-Class car range which is yet to be announced by the company , till now there is no reveal of the car type fully but with the recent cover pic it is sure that the car is a full sedan . With that said E-Class comes with the larger cockpit screen and also comes with the voice command technology with the all new easy to use custom User Interface MBUX ( company's own designed UI)