MasterCard will accept some list of crypto currency for the transactions . The news flew yesterday all over world with a huge impact on the crypto space . After the Elon Musk Bitcoin invasion many tech giants too are preparing for the adoption of the same . While looking into current scenario it is very sure that the future is crypto and many of the major investments and transactions will be mainly be preferred in terms of crypto as it can be profitable too for the investors and sellers too , at this time it is very must that the transaction media should also accept the crypto space and the first one to accept is none other than Master Card for sure and it is very beneficial for the company too because for the crypto space MasterCard will always be the parent company and majority will prefer it for sure just like whatsapp dominating on ther chatting app and etc. . As said before there are very selected number of crypto currency that is accepted by the company and they are given below 

1. Bitcoin 

2. Ethereum 

2. Ave coins 

3. Lite coins 

4. Dai 

And I guess there are more to come in future or as soon as possible .