Elon Musk invests $1.5 Billion on Bitcoins for Tesla . And it is really going to take Elon to another level of richness . At this point there is only one thing to say " Elon is just Dominating the richest position " with some literally freaking great logics . Some where around last year before being the richest man Elon said that right now in this situation it is very best and reliable option to invest some money in Alt coins or Bitcoins on his twitter handle. 

Elon Musk and doge

        As you can see Elon just promotes dogecoins as it is the new alt coin in the crypto world and can be the future, right with that there are many other alts lined up to rise above one of them is the popular ethereum and many of them . And there are only two contenders Ethereum and Dogecoins which can be worth trillion in future so according to Elon it is very clear to invest in them now and become rich in future and we must believe that. Thats not all as soon as Elon invested the price of Bitcoins rose with the margin on $4000 which is just heck of something . That means he almost earned the profit of x4000 dollar straight in some minutes . 

What we can do ? 

          There are many ways you can invest in crypto and earn back more one of them is coinbase where you also get particular crypto currency for free just to learn about the particular crypto's blockchain tech and there is a browser called brave where you can earn BAT tokens in return of using their browser for surfing on net . But there is a problem when it comes to take advantages of these services and that is they only provide direct access to their main offers only for Americans and for Indians the revenue is always less compared to other countries so . It is better to find alternatives like playing crypto games and also directly investing for the coins . More about these will be coming soon with some good practical examples so stay tuned .