Amazon prime

            "Amazon prime to give away 5 games all for free" And you read it right but the important thing here is that you should have to buy the subscription and the offer is fully valid till this month end of February and after March the offer will not be valid the basic requirement for the offer to be valid is that you should be strictly be pc gamer or a pc user the offer will not be valid for ps4 , xbox , Nintendo or any other console. So for the first time and a first company that is dedicatedly thinking for the pc users is the most valuable thing I say . 

Details on the offer

              The offer is mostly valid for 6, 3 months and yearly plan as said there are 5 games kept for the giveaway they will be Monster Prom: Hotseat Edition, Spinch, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Swimsanity, and Table Manners for free. All the games are mostly indie games and are very developed and has an excellent storyline and game experience so for these kind of game lovers the offer is a jewel for obvious . And the game will be download once and keep it forever , Like you can play whenever and how many time you want and it's all up to you . According to me the plan is just great and a must grab offer for all the game lovers out there . So why wait go ahead and grab !!