Airtel Ad helps to grow Indian startups. Airtel recently launched their new plan to all the brand and startup holders to to grow their business to next level. As the name "Airtel Ads" it is just same as the Google Ads (ps- not Adsense) ads is to advertise your brand and Adsense is to advertise other's brand on our website or app. Just like that Airtel Ads is not fully like Google ads as this ad service will only show your brand's advertisements to Airtel users and that too mainly Indian users , that means the ad service won't work on cross Platform like Google ads . But still for young startups this too can scale their business to new heights as Airtel has millions of users , so you can advertise your brand to all of them . 

Pricing & Records 

       Talking about the records of the service till date the company provides the service to the companies like Byjus , LensKart , Cred , GroupM, Amazon prime . Yet there is no new name but it's a start so soon we also might find some new names in the list too . Airtel also assure to provide high quality ad service to their users . Now to know what can be the price of the service , it will totally depend on the plan you choose as the company says to believe in the various billing models which includes CPM , CPD , CPA.  To interact with the plan to know more you can directly visit their site .