Unity connect comes to a closet 

       Unity connect closes down and now what's next for unity ? Till this date  unity has leaded in every perspectives of gaming there are many gaming studio like unreal , Cryengine , Dunia , Ubisoft and many more but among all these unity is said to be the Rolls Royce of them all . Unity also helps people with their game engine where a rookie to an expert can create their own version of games . And this was believed to be handled with the help of unity's connect site where you can reach out to the unity expert ask your doubts and get solved and many of the major updates in unity and unity's game engine were made because of their audience's demand and needs on the unity connect . But now it's an unfortunate thing that unity wants to end the branch on February 4 2021 for no mention or a specific reason . 

Unity Connect

What's next ? 

       From February 4 onwards people having any doubts and questions regarding the unity's product can directly contact or ask on the forum section of unity as mentioned in the mail . According to me I guess from now the doubts which you will ask will not be answered that quick which use to be in connect so untill unity won't give us any other specific alternative till then we should be patient about the reality and stick to it , so as it is said " it is what it is" .