Opera × YoYo games

               Opera x YoYo Games 

Opera purchases YoYo games , yesterday both the companies updated their blog about this latest news of being one organization . Opera a multi-platform web browser built with C++ coding supports over all the operating systems . As the app has its mini version called Opera mini which supports low end chipset mobile devices . The browser has a pretty cool user interface too. When it comes to YoYo games as we all know about the company has its own game studio named game maker studio 2 , pretty popular game studio with decent UI and the main thing about this is , the studio only help you to produce 2D game's for pc , mac , android, consoles . No 3D game support is being supported by the studio . It accepts only Java , JavaScript , C# for creating games . Till date the company as a individual didn't released any game of its own like other studios i.e. cryengine , unity , unreal and many more . The only disadvantage of this studio is it is fully paid and it allows only one month free trial that too with some tool usage restrictions ( though there are mods and hacks to use it all for fully free 😂 ) . The company brings new updates for the studio almost in every 3 months . 

Advantage for Opera 

Opera as said before is a growing company and they really look like a try hard organization and right now they are also interested to grow their gaming branch . As of before they launched a web browser named Opera GX unlike Google and others who provide the cloud service Opera gives you many games for free services and that too you can all play it directly on the web browser itself like doom 1994 and many other online competitive arcade games . Earlier last year the company also started its crypto currency wallet for the users . And now joining hands with an underdog game studio company will give them a major boost to look forward to lauch thier own games on their web browser itself .