FAU-G releases on the eve of India's Republic Day 26th January . As the  game is on the theme of Indo-China war , where you are the faug (soldier) on the border protecting the nation and you have to defeat you Chinese enemies the graphics of the game are pretty decent it is very obvious that in game graphics are not always similar yo the graphics which we can see in the trailer but yet the game has quite good graphics just like free fire and other FPP shooting mobo games . Even there were lot of rumors' coming recently on the return of PUBGM but the thing was just the rumors' and India is in a very strict intention of not allowing any other Chinese product to rule the Indian market . The main intention of the games upbringing is to promote Indian gaming companies and to make people aware about the Indian products and their quality . As I know it is not the right time to criticize someone's product but yet there are some of the flaws which they should have did it well before launching the game in front of the Indian gaming youths . 


         The hype for the game was the nicest one and the well planned thing as they made collaboration with the film star Akshay Kumar and also they took the opportunity of P.M. Modi's Movement of Atma Nirbhar Bharat and PUBG ban , what is better than launching a game that too based on Indian army . But after the launch and days earlier we found that the game is not a battle royale game but instead the game is just like COD as they have a campaign mode in the game but not the battel royale its is good to see that they didn't copy just like pubg but right now the Gaming market is just hungry for the multi player battel royale game and i guess many of the gamers out there are not that satisfied with the game , NCore games ( makers of FAUG ) said they will be soon bringing the battel royale mode too . Till then people will have to manage with what is made . It is great to welcome a full fledge mobile game from India but according the gaming youths it wasn't that satisfying .