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Far cry 6 game release got revealed ? is the question in everybody's mind after IGN India revealed Amazon's farcry6 catalogue . As you can see in the picture that it is clearly written that the game releases on 30th April 2021 . But the date was not on the page for long time as soon as the IGN page revealed the date that too by the amazon itself the date got immediately changed in some minutes and now you can even check it the date written there is 31st December 2021 that is the end of this year.

Far cry 6

The sudden change has 2 meaning , First this is obvious that the 3oth April may be the real release date but they revealed it by mistake and so they suddenly changed to hide the real date . Second may be 31st December is the original release date and they made mistake writing it April , but the chances of this being right is very low as if December is the date then why would be the game on amazon's early access list no game ever comes for early access this early . Any how Amazon just gave us the hint by saying us that this awesome game that is full of storyline juice is going to hit this year and may be this Quarter too .