Image Credits Wacom               

VR stylus pen by Wacom which is  just like the Samsung note's stylus this pen too works the same way but the difference here is the note stylus needs the screen medium and this own needs no medium . This pen is specially made to use in vr devices to draw and write anything in the open world and the speciality here is we can also use the pen to make 2D and 3D designs and shapes too. The major drawback and the problem here is to get the force feedback on an open air that it won't be easy to draw on air very precisely.  But after the latest reports it is revealed that the Tere will be a button or a notch like thing due to which you can easily draw on air as if you are drawing on a paper with the pen . With this said there more number of things ye to reveal which is not precisely revealed by the company yet . The president of the company Nobu Ide said that the company will try to endorse the pen with many other high end head mounted display HMDs  like HTC , oculus . There are lot of things to find and to learn about the stylus yet . The pen has not integrated  tracking under the steam valve or any other company too , but will have to wait and find to find about integration. Wacom is not the first one to introduce vr pen Logitech was the first earlier in 2020 which is integrated with the valve Steam vr tracking .