Pic credits - Samsung Newsroom

        Samsung with  new set of screen versions for the upcoming year of 2021 , as almost every technology  changing day by day so Samsung is always the one who is the trend setter for almost all the new technologies out there . As said in Samsung's latest tweet that it will be revealing its new set of models in front of live conferencing on 6 January 2021 .

The predicted things for the event are the new screen technology as said like We can witness some new screen type beyond QHD+ like it can be some 8k or even 16k enabled TV smart screen  . Also will be applied to their new upcoming some of the budget and flagship phones , with that we can also see their new desktop which are bezel less , light weight and some new range of awesome laptops , who knows far more than this are also expected from the event . It will be interesting to see the Android system launching it's event on live conferencing after the apple launch .