Google Wi-Fi or the Nest Wi-Fi will now help you to optimize your house Wi-Fi bandwidth for all the streaming and video conferencing sessions . Google will now be prioritizing the home network increase the traffic on video conferencing sessions on google meet and zoom app . There will be a special new update for this facility only on the google home device or the google nest device . The main reason behind this is because of the pandemic all the activities of office , schools and colleges resume on the online platform via video conferencing and online streaming all around the world due to which there caused the data usage traffic due to which there was lot of crashing and the loss of internet connectivity this mainly caused lot of trouble in video conferencing due and to make it better google made a algorithmic solution IoT (internet of things ) to make the internet usage more sustainable and also to increase the traffic on the streaming services like Zoom  and Google Meet .

Till now google has made this facility specially which will only available for the google meet and zoom like stream apps . As this will work like as soon as there is any notification of video conferencing session the google nest  device automatically give you an alert and makes your normal home Wi-Fi network bandwidth sustainable so that your video conferencing should not get any interruption and will have a seamless session . Moving forward google will also be seeking this same facility also for the use of google's stadia platform the only thing we have to do is to select the stadia option in the settings and the nest will change its bandwidth attention towards the stadia and you can also have the piece of 1080p seamless gaming experience .