Samsung Flip phone also know as Samsung Z Flip which was earlier announced by the company with 5G  enabled has some new designs coming up . According to the recent report we also got to know the company also announced some new look for their Note 20 version too. As the Note 20 will now also be available in red color where as the Z Flip will now be available in white color . Note 20 is already available in Green , Copper ( Pearl Pink ) , Gray and the Z Flip is available in Copper ( Pearl Pink ) , Gray and now White . But when it comes to Z Flip 4G model it is available in Black , Purple , Gold color scheme too. 

But now comes the main thing and that is the company has now announced that Samsung Note 20 will be the last model in the Note series so yes it the last time we are going to look at the traditional stylus pen used in every note phone . But samsung will be continuing its stylus style with the note's successor upcoming S 20 and so on series of