With my earlier posts you may have got almost much more idea about the ps5 with this said im going to explain about it's compatibilities by answering some questions .

1. Which is better and realistic Gran Turismo 7 or the creed 2 for ps5?

It's too simple to compare Gran Turismo 7 is the better game with realistic graphics and it is specifically made for ps5 and that too it's still under the trial mode so that means you can also get a great Ray tracing effects than NFS and Forza . As this game is going to releasing on Q1 or Q2 of 2021 it was earlier scheduled for PS 4 on June 11 2020 but after to have more and good graphics and Dlss effects the company postponed the dates and it's not exclusively made for ps5 .

2. Is there any chance of getting ps5 emulator on PC?

The thing here is the emulator are for playing games of a console on PC and that too for free , in this circumstances even there is no official emulator even for PS4 so to have emulator for ps5 first there should be emulator for PS4 then we can expect for ps5 . And that too till now very few people got their ps5 order placed and it is difficult to get a emulator of ps5 this soon that to without knowing about it's architecture . And we can expect ps5 emulator after it's trend that is like almost 8 years from now . Till then you can have the bite of ps5 that too with free ps5 game on the same Launch date on psnow gold edition  only thing you have to do is to register for it for it's given price . 

3. If I am buying a ps5 will the controller be included in it or do I have to buy it separately

When someone buy ps5 or any console they have a set of things to provide that is the main cpu of ps5 , the controller and some pack also contain 1 or 2 game cd too (that depends on the price you pay) but if you want additional controller for duo Gaming then you may need to buy it paying extra price and in case of ps5  the price is almost around ₹10k for more about pricing you can also check this out .

4. What changes will I face if I jump from ps2 to ps5?

The difference is toooooo.. vast  between these 2 console, it is too easy to compare as ps2 is the 2 gen console of PlayStation version where as the ps5 is the 5 th gen console . The very major difference is it's graphics in ps2 you may see game's like GTA vice city where as you can see games like cyberpunk on ps5 . Dedicated Ray tracing is enebaled in ps5 where as baking of light is used in ps2 . Major difference in ram , graphics card and also the structure and looks of console the Haptic of the controller of ps5  is too much more ps2 . And the list goes on . You can follow my other post to know more about these things . And also major difference in price  ☺.

5. Why all games are hitting 60fps on my ps4?

You may have seen that every there is limited no. Of console brands and their respective models so that makes the real point for each console different kinds of optimization is required and for that particular console the developers deveople the game by keeping the console's architecture in mind. So when it comes to pc there are many components and many types of graphic card and the thing here is pcs and self customizable and different pc ha e different config but and console config is universal so the particular game made dedicatedly to that console easily runs on 60fps where as you may have found that some PS game's don't really get good optimized for PC directly coming from console game , like red dead redemption 2 and many other that is because of different optimization process . But the matter of fact is the good PC can run PS games too but a PS can't run pc games even though they are the high end console.

6. Will Samsung un40h5003 , Sony wd4300 ,oneplus q1 pro tv compatible for PS5 ? 

The thing here is the ps5 is compatible with all those TVs or monitor which is compatible with HDMI cable even though it has 720p resolution that doesn't matter for the ps5 console so it is all fine with the screen compatibility for ps5.