Cyberpunk ! Cyberpunk ! Cyberpunk ! And more Cyberpunk the game is just making people exploding their minds off , and I being a self proclaimed Cyberpunk therapist (you can just find my cyberpunk posts and how crazy IAM about it) I will only say one thing and that is the game is not compromising the time and the place in GOTY 2020 that it self makes me guarantee and this makes me predict things easily that the game is just killing every other games and the only things to explain it is " Cyberpunk will be the punk for the other games in 2021 ". The game reminds me of the 2013 game GTA V this game also made people blow of the mind with it's graphics story sense effects and I would say the game's graphics still beat many modern AAA game's graphics easily and the realease of the game was similar to the release of Cyberpunk now , the only thing is the craze that was little less at that time but now people are making career in gaming and this makes this game more grand .
 By the recent news people Sending threat messages to the company which is making people hungry like a game starve in a library .

Not only that people also losing minds and asking some questions that really makes lot of sense (sarcastic).


1. Do we need to pay for the game Cyberpunk in PC?

I wouldn't lose my mind for this question and control my emotions on it as mentioned above the game is not the first class game it's beyond it that itself explains you everything , if I was the creator of this game I would have charged it minimum of $400 as the parent company CD red projekt's game Witcher the game released in 2010 it self costs $30 and more on steam and if this old game cost this much than its to easy to predict the price of this futuristic punk . It can be around $50  to $100 . 

2. Which will be better to buy Dragon Ball kakarot or Cyberpunk 2077 ps4?

First of all you should all be thankful to the creators to make this monumental credible enough to play it on PS4 I was first thing that the game will only be in ps5 and for PC with higher specs but no it is available on PS4 and PC with good specs but now that they said the game's Ray tracing will only be available on the cards which has the capacity to run dlss 2.0  . And talking about the dragon Ball kakarot the game which is good and has a good rating realeased in early 2020 has no match with Cyberpunk as both are of different genre and I guess dragon Ball will hardly nominated/enter  the goty2020 so my recommendation to this is if your are kind of arcade game lover than you must definitely play dragon Ball but that doesn't mean you drop cyberpunk but if you are into game's like open environment or storyline games like GTA , cod than it is must to try cyberpunk and can also play dragon Ball (note- for cyberpunk you should have good specs pc or else no worth buying it, where as for dragon Ball you can run it even with Intel graphics )