The Android is changing and so as you will also have to change your system by changing you old phone to a new phone . The thing is According to Android police the certificate authority lets encrypt it warning people using android version below 7.1 will no longer get access to the secured sites by 2021 . The organization is no longer making any cross signing of any site from January 2021 and will totally drop all the cross signing by September 2021 ,so that means the older phones will no longer have the across to many sites , it's time to upgrade your phones now . If you bought your phone before 2017 or 2016 than you may face some problems on 2021 as the given time . You will have to use Firefox which will allow some sites with their own certificate but still it won't be any good like to use the chrome sites . And very major development is the mobile tech companies like Samsung and many assured to give atleast 3 android updates to every new phones that doesn't mean for the old title phones you will face problem to run some sites . Even though there will be some sites that will be running but that will not give any consistency .