Xbox to launch a bunch of new titles which itself comes out with all surprises so they won't have any surprises left to come up with in future till feb 2021.As they have lined up with many games like Hyper Scape is right now in the beta version on pc and xbox, Watch Dogs Legion and Assassins creed Valhalla to come out till october end 2020 , the literal bombshell of mafia Far Cry 6 to launch february 2021 and the depth charger ,benchmarker of gaming Cyberpunk 2077 to fix the spot in legend list on the mid of november .
As the main and game changer comes and that is the games mentioned above all will be available on Xbox Game Pass accept Cyberpunk 2077 will not be in that list but will be releasing for Xbox series x (Game Pass - is a platform where you will find all the xbox game list which you can play from your pc , smartphone you can call it as the Netflix of Gaming) .Sony and Microsoft are moving in a different direction where Sony will be following its traditional way of cd and software for ps5 but Microsoft to make use of Cross platform of game pass for all its user .
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