Even Ironman fails automation sometimes!!

Tesla an Auto Giant scores low in european safety rating for its autopilot mode .Tesla's Autopilot ranks 6th in 10 driver assistance system evaluation, as it scores low on its ability to keep the drivers engaged.

Tesla series 3 scored very less in drivers ability to engage but at the same time it also scored a decent marks in its emergency response due to which it gets a better chance of getting a upper hand in that field , and so it gets the rating of "Moderate".

In contrast to that , the Mercedes GLE system gets the highest score in its autopilot to the ability to engage driver thus with that it was rated with the remarks of "Very Good".

European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) an uk insurance group thatcham research, called the research for the first consumer rating which is specially focused on the automation of the new car products , driver assistance system , hand brakes , steering and acceleration .

The NCAP warned the consumer for over estimating the automation system and also for the manufacturer that call their products autopilot, copilot,propilot.

US safety control board has investigated and they reported that in 2016 there were crashes of 16 cars with the autopilot system of tesla cars .

According to Matthew Avery ,NCAP board member and research director at thatcham research said that in todays world it is to risky to fully depend on any auto company's autopilot system as they are not the best or a reliable thing too be so its a safety precaution to stay normally away from autopilot mode.

With that said Audi Q8, Mercedes GLE and BMW series 3 also gets Very Good remarks on their assessments ,Renault Clio and Peugeot gets the least scores of low end automation or the entry level automation .


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