Samsung QLEDecode

Samsung gonna give away the package of cyberpunk 2077 for just one. It is winner takes all situation for the participants now . To win the package you will have to solve the puzzle and crack the mystery cyberpunk case to get your package . As it is already reavealed what we you will win by cracking the code that is Samsung brand-new  QLED monitor with the most anticipated console Microsoft's own Xbox series X with the obvious best Cyberpunk 2077. By now the company has hidden the code/ puzzle in the given video below.

According to the Samsung's homepage you get to know that the package is intercepted in California of cyberpunk 2077 . And you can have the package by cracking the code and now it's all up to you and start hunting for the hint to solve the puzzle that is in this above given video . To apply for the code cracking there are certain norms to fulfil you can get it from the Samsung guideline page . The main points are you should be 18 years and more according to the PEGI guidelines of the game  and the another is that you should be from United States ( and if you are from United States you can participate ) .

There will only be one winner who will take it all first you have to crack the above code then top 5 who solved it first will be selected and then you will have to beat other 4 (another code will be given to solve the first to solve will win) to win the ultimate reward.