PM Narendra Modi's personal website Narendra just got allegedly leaked on dark web . After many celebrity Twitter account hacks now in which PM too was included the personal website of his also just got leaked out on dark web and data found that there are many email addresses and contact number of many people online . When the Twitter got hacked crypto donation were asked by people for the Pm national relief fund . 

The cybersecurity firm cyble said that the PM's personal site got leaked on 10th October and the site database also got leaked and according to that there are many personally identifiable information of about 5,740,00 people in which around 300k people donated through this site . 

When reached out to the cyble CEO Beenu Arora he said The exact reason for this leak is unknown; however, a lot of the leaks, in general, occur for monetisation. In our opinion, given the gravitas of the website, we do recommend relevant authorities to strengthen further the security posture of their applications, especially third parties.”

It is found that the due to such large amount of people accounts information out online is very unfortunate as it can be easily made misuse of those accounts by wrong people and it can cause a large amount of problem to the fund providers . And it is also said that the database was extracted by the AWS and related services to subdomain . The website was leaked as the website account was directly connected to the Twitter account of PM .