Google the company that is right now entering to play major role in helping the disabled people so to make them use the google assistant so with this the google has just started the work by its new feature of transcribe which will help the people to communicate even if you don't know language, as whatever the person next to you speaks the google transcribe captures the voice and immediately translate it to english which makes the user understand things easily .And this is now making things that easy that a unspeakable can also can use it with some specs which is yet to be made . 

But there is a very new feature of transcribe and that is there is a specific voice notify option to switch which will easily help you things like if you just left the tap running the software uses its voice recognition to recognise the low volume voice and judge it quickly and makes you notify the thing right away by sending a push notification bar which will say like " you tap is running "and you will understand it so this can also be used by any deaf person who couldn't listen the voice and as soon he gets notify he can pass it easily . The major use of this can be the software can also make a person aware while he is crossing road and if the person is unaware about the vehicle it can give a sudden notif to cross the rad quick.

The below video will help you to get how it actually works in practical.


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