Google to make assistant's voice more simple to use for the people who are having disability. As google has partnered with  the leading accessibility firm Tobii Dynavox best known for speech synthesis and eye tracking device , to integrate google assistant into the company's snap core first line of dedicated tablets and mobile apps. This way people who have trouble can also use this assistance to control all the home appliances and other gadgets .

Tobii is most commonly known for its eye tracking devices and softwares for the eye tracking devices , they also have the the vr headset production which is different from these system software the vr comes under their Tobii Tech .

It is not easy to use the Google Assistant without the voice but for the disability it can be very tough to use disable people but with the help of Tobii integration and its voice synthesis the device directly changes the disabled person impulses and change in to signals which it gives to google assistant and with that the person can easily control the room lights and other appliances smartly.

“Our mission is to empower people with disabilities to do what they once did or never thought possible. It includes the possibility to communicate, control your surrounding environment and receive the same access to education and information as anyone else,” said Tobii Dynavox CEO Fredrik Ruben in a statement. “Therefore, we are extremely pleased to enter this partnership with Google and jointly develop technologies that are more accessible to everyone.” 


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