FAU-G stands for Fearless And United - Guard ,the upcoming rpg game by the indian game developers nCore games in banglore now launched the first cinematic teaser of this game which is based on indian armed force . The game backer Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also tweeted and spoke some line about the game .


The teaser depicts the conflicts on the hilly terrain region , as this is about our indian army battel against the chinese army in the region of Galwan valley border as shown at start of the teaser itself . The game will not be like PUBG the battel royale game , instead it will be a 5 v 5 tpp game just like the cod ,csgo , Rogue Heist (indian game too) . The nCore game cheif Vishal Gondal stated that the game was booked earlier for October end but right now it is being shifted to upcoming weeks of November . 

Btw According to me I would just say in upcoming years at least the creators should also add the features of battel Royale too as people will replace the place of PUBG the and then until they won't find anything like PUBG . But it is also right to create something new and not to copy others , so we should support our local country game and stop playing with Chinese games as the game has really good graphics for mobile level and we can expect good results from this game .