Atari the game console maker and a leading game developing company is now taking a leap of faith into the pool of crypto world . After 2 decade of absence the company recently announced its new gaming console the Atari VCS Gaming System and the console is going to launch in the same day when the sony PS5 and Xbox is going to launch as the CEO of the company Frederic Chesnais said that the console is going to make a splash . The Console will be offered with the bundle of 100 classic games with 2 controller all in $390 . As it is going to run on Linux os and will give the feel of pc on tv screen and atari music , browser , streaming app and social media will all be included in this console , as the console also gives the Retro look of the gaming console. 

Everything is ok for now the main and the unique thing that the company is going to mark its line is their debut in crypto world , Right the company will be launching their own tokens (cryptocurrency ) with the console as the company has made some limitation on the exchange of the token as they will sell the tokens for 25 cents and will be serving almost 4 million of the atari tokens for now , as the limitation here is that you can only use the cryptos in game purchases or purchasing online atari games they cannot be used for trades and official bettings .