Amazon to unveil its new online cloud gaming service called Luna which will use Amazon Web Service (AWS) for the backbone use. The system is touting to use the service anywhere with anything you can even use the service anywhere from you iphone ,ipad ,laptop, desktop or on PC.

Amazon will make the service available for fire TV device ,and for android very soon . As with this amazon also stated that this will be very much different from google , apple, nvidia's gaming cloud service system as it requires lot of internet but the experience still sucks . Amazon Luna comes with Resident evil 7 remake,ABZU in the earlier access with this said for the users who purchase Luna + earlier access will get

1.Resident Evil 7 Remake 

2.Far Cry 6


4.Yooka Laylee

5.Surge 2


7.Plague tale :innocence

All of the titles will be available for those who buy Luna+ early access . The Price of the Luna + for a month is stated as $6 but it can vary and its not a full actual fixed price declared till now.

With this they will also be providing the the Luna controller as the google stadia and steam controller , but the difference here is Luna controller will be also used with ipad ,iphone and all other devices .

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