Watchdogs 2 is one of the game from the sequel of Watchdogs universe and recently ubisoft the creator of the game has said to release Watchdogs Legion the third edition of the sequel all the parts of this game has no link with the previous one . The game is all about hacking and reverse hacking and reverse hijacking . almost many of the children just go to know about the existence of hacking because of this game . this game is nothing but a true masterpiece of proper storyline and proper one to one connection .The only thing that lags this game behind a little and that is its graphics , no doubt it has some marvellous graphic texture and real life scenes and a good baking of light with a very well use of shader pixels but there is no major changes in graphics in all the 3 parts. even though it has not changed much of its graphics since the 1 edition  but they do changed the mission quality and some new set of rules and new and advanced resources over time .

                                                                     We all have heard about the hacker as the bad guys in the world who steal our data , but this the first ever game thing where the creators have depicted the hacker as the good guys and the protect people from bad guys by hacking their data and trap them in their own game .                                            

                  Watchdogs do have its multiplayer system where you can connect with your friends and complete the story line by hacking things and it also have some fun things added which I find unnecessary but yet find fun sometimes and that is its selfie feature where we can click selfies in any place , also in middle of  climax gunshots (duh😂) 

                                                 something like this during police raid 👀

   Coming to the conclusion that is some months before the release of the official watchdogs 3 Epic games has made ubisofts Watchdogs 2 free with multiplayer for some week gamers its time to just purchase it today even if you cant download its fine just buy it and it will be your for life time. This initiative is taken by Epic games as it is doing for its gamers for many months by launching one of its big title game free for month same it did with Gtav in month of may. 

To download the game click on the Link

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