Science and technology
 (introduction)- Science behind every technology as said in the description , here I am going to share some of my technical ideas about the technical gadgets / Technology which i want to make it exist in this world, Which i guess are the basic (not that basic which we use in our day to day life )but with less advancement in those field . But if those technology come in real life can make some drastic difference in those field of  technology.

                                In this blog of science and technology i am going address those gadgets which you may have never heard or may hat only just going to address those gadgets and technology but i am going to give some possible hints and process in making those gadgets anve heard once or sometime and when you heard it you just got confused or have n o idea of how it can be made . In this blog i am nod technology .

                                                                 Now comes the main part of this page and that is what are the science behind every technology i am going to mention. Now with this said i am going give some perks which comes with this blog to each every person reading , and those are 
  • Application of those Technology in real time world 
  • And yes, alternate day and if necessary regular posting of updated news and information about latest games and consoles too.                   
Note- The posting of main content (not the news content) will be posted once or twice in a week as lots of research required to gather.

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