New Emoji to get unveiled by this year from google , as we all know how rollercoaster ride year it was for every one in the world and especially for the people in USA it has been something totally out of world situation almost 72 Thunder struck  under a radius of the place in california . Wildfire smoke has engulfed the West Coast, hundreds of thousands are dead from an ongoing pandemic, and the US government is deadlocked to the point of illegitimacy, incapable of taking action against the economic, political, ecological, and medical devastation that threatens to engulf us. Even for those not directly affected, the perception of the ongoing crises has turned into a kind of psychic assault, challenging the limits of what we can express.

                 Fortunately, a new crop of emoji has just been approved by the Unicode Consortium to help out. They probably won’t reach your phone until 2021, but they’re clearly influenced by the chaos of the year, whether it’s face exhaling (clearly exhausted), face in clouds” (smoke?), or heart on fire (self-explanatory).

                    I’m particularly taken by the “face with spiral eyes” emoji, submitted by Google emoji czar Jennifer Daniel. Also known as “face-unwell” (mood), the proposal includes suggested keywords like “oh no,” “trouble,” “whoa,” and “yikes” (also mood), which could be used to trigger the symbol. The general shorthand is clear enough, particularly from the anime examples included as part of the document: spiral eyes means dizzy, hypnotized, or generally overwhelmed to the point of no longer being in control of one’s actions or capable of perceiving the world.

In part, it’s meant to resolve a conflict in how different platforms interpret the “x eyes” emoji since Google and Microsoft have actually been interpreting that emoji as spiral-eyed for some time now. But it’s also an expression of the deeper incomprehensibility of the past six months, as social isolation curdles and a surreal pageant of personal and global tragedies unfolds. In 2020, we all have spiral eyes

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