Google Meet users will have to race against time 


          Google Meet makes people meet under a time limit. On April due to corona outbreak google said it that it will provide every user a free limitless time usage . As it was found that the zoom meet app stores the confidentials of people and said that the china made it to hack the data so in many country there was a temporary ban tio the zoom app so many companies , colleges,schools and organizations  used other liable alternative to Zoom which can allow many users at a time to make a meet . So at that time there was only one reliable app and that was none other than Google Meet .

                                                                                                                                On Friday Google spokes person said that the google meet is some what meeting a rise in users due to which from 30th september 2020 onwards the company will limit the free session i.e. the sessions can be took only for 60 min by a certain user if any one wants to extend will have to pay $25 for per month.

                                                                                                                                 Also going away with september 30 it was stated that it is going to launch a g-suite under g-suite it is informed that for educational use anyone can use it for 250 person session and 100,000 person live stream limit any one can save the session in drive feature will be added.And for the people using it for the enterprise will have to pay $25 per month .

                                            The conclusion is that if some one wants to use the app for free will have to limit their meeting hours or else pay $25 per month . But still the news need some more confirmation on this sentence but till 30 use it for free .


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